I am a life-long woodworker with a love for making carved objects with a Celtic theme or motif. I have completed a number of dedication plaques and signs for churches and public buildings. I’ve also built quite a few furniture pieces (beds, tables and bookcases) and other household items, such as spoons and jewelry boxes.

I’m available for commission pieces. Please contact me with details about your project and I will send you a quote.

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  1. Richard G. Arms, Jr. says:

    Jim, I reviewed your portfolio, representative example of completed projects, and I am impressed at your skill and the quality of your work. Celtic interlace design is a strong and beautiful expression of the Celtic spirit. It is a joy to encounter, and you do it justice. It is clear that you derive great satisfaction from this form of artistic expression, and of course with a surname like McLaughlin, that ideom takes on a special meaning. Thank you for giving me your business card and for leading me to this your website. Rick Arms.

    • mclceltic says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I love the Celtic knot work designs that the monks developed over a thousand years ago. I especially like doing work for Catholic churches. I am currently hoping to do one or two more things for St. Bridgit of Kildare church in Dublin, Ohio, one a plaque with “cead mile failte” (100,000 welcomes in Irish, and a Celtic cross. Unfortunately with the virus thing going on, decisions are being put on hold at the church’s end.

      I do various wooden items on a commission basis, mainly for friends and family. So if there is something that my skills might come into play for you, let me know

      Regards, Jim